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Gaza update

Gaza 4th Newsletter

It is very important to study false flag operations, both if you are already aware of the concept, and even more so, if you are not.

False flags have been used to start not only every single war for hundreds of years, but also all global crisis.

It is also called the hegelian dialect, create a problem, get a reaction from the population to the problem and then offer the solution, noone would have accepted in the first place, if the problem had not been created. 

Below you will find references to several false flag operations. Operation North Woods, Gulf of Tonkin and the crying "nurse" with babies in "incubators" in 1991, that turned out to be a Kuwaiti Princess are just three quick examples. Many more below.

Another more recent example would be if you opened the border 15 places and told your army to step down the first 7 hours of an enemy attack, while the enemy took hostages, then invoked the Hannibal directive and killed your own people as well as enemy soldiers, so you afterwards could retaliate and find "cover" for committing the intended genocide. Something to be investigated, several posts below will touch on the subject. 

The conflict in Gaza is not only about October 10th but must be seen in a historical context. The Balfour declaration, the Nakhba in 1948, the media lies in 1915 about Germans "spearing babies to churchdoors" that gave cover for the US to join the side of the English. The world has suffered tremendously ever since those media lies.

Since WWI the warmongers have also used the story with babies in incubators in 1991 in Kuwait and again October 7th with "40 behaded babies". All lies the mainstream medie volunteered to peddle substantially without any facta check whatsoever. Now regarding October 7th it turned out the youngest Israeli that died October 7th was three years old, so it was a media lie, but the mainstream medias in the West have not made great efforts in retracting those lies. They are all complicit in the suffering of the Palestinian people, ironically including murdering Palestinian babies in incubators in the bombed out hospitals in Gaza. 

Collective punishment is illegal according to International law, thus Israel is not allowed to destroy every single hospital, university and vital infrastructure, Israel is also not allowed to prohibit international aid in the form of food, water and vital medicine and hospital supplies. 

Children in Gaza are having surgeries performed on them without anaesthesia.

The US is blocking for a ceasefire and the mainstream media in the West is with very few examples complicit in the killing of thousands of children. 

The situation in Gaza is very dangerous because it could potentially spill over and turn into WWIII. Think Lusitania and Pearl Harbour with the US having several warships in the Mediterranean as sitting ducks for an attack from a nation symphasising with the Palestinians. Or if a nation decided to come to the aid of the Palestinians and USA responded. 

Thus it is very positive that South Africa has taken a legal approach and in the first place Israel has gotten "a warning" and will soon have to report back and the eventual ICJ ruling will come and in my view without doubt Israel will be convicted for having committed genocide. 

Further sources to support the claims below could be "The 13th Tribe" by Arthur Koestler that documents the askenazi jews are not a semite people and "Jewish History, Jewish Religion" by Israel Shahak about the present apartheid system in Israel. Both are Jewish writers, Israel Shahak a was member of the Knesset.

In my view a two state solution is not enough, the apartheid state of Israel must suffer the same fate as the apartheid regime of South Africa and a new state totally without apartheid must be established.


Mads Palsvig, chairman of the Prosperity Party, Earth Freedom Knowledge, former investment banker from Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse First Boston and Barclays Bank


Content below is divided into the following sub-groups:

False flags, Nakhba, Apartheid, 

Israel, Hamas


South Africa, Indonesia, Yemen



Please note, that each line below contains a link to a statement, article or video with either victims and/or perpetrators with first hand witnesses and videos, in short the type of evidence that holds in court, as opposed to the mainstream medias claims and allegations based on purely fabricated lies without any supporting evidence, such as all th stories about babies or Gaddafi's "killing his own people" or Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction".





False Flag

(7) Mads Palsvig på X: "Now who would have thought that: Hamas was legally registered as a zionist corporation in Israel in 1978 under the auspices of Menachim Begin. Menachim Begin's qualifications as a terrorist was bombing The King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946. Probably not something the…" / X (

(8) Mads Palsvig på X: "The letter’s signatories accuse Netanyahu of spending years propping up Hamas in Gaza at the expense of the Palestinian Authority, which the US has argued should be revitalized to govern both the West Bank and Gaza. CNN has reported that for years Qatar delivered cash-filled…" / X (

This video is from October 8th. This is how long it has been obvious to everyone, that Israel did it and/or allowed it to happen:

(9) Mads Palsvig på X: "This lady is a former secret service agent for the Israeli Defence Force, she also considers it an impossibility, that Israel did not have 100% foreknowledge of the attack. And she also questions why the border was wide open and no action taken against the intruders. My take: -…" / X (

(9) Arnaud Bertrand på X: "This is huge: Top Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth confirms Israel used the "Hannibal directive" on Oct 7th, which calls to kill Israeli hostages along with their captors. This is the exact quote from the paper: "At midnight on October 7, the IDF…" / X (

Mads Palsvig på X: "The Italian President was according to the mainstream journalist at the Guardian: - "of course being ironic" WHEN he said that CIA and MOSSAD WAS behind 911 Of course Presidents are always being "ironic" when they claim something...... NOW I AM BEING "IRONIC"!!!" / X (

(4) Mads Palsvig på X: "Wow, who would have thought they would attack themselves and blame someone else, either Nazis, antisemites or terrorists? It’s not like the Mossad did that at 911 and 107……right?" / X (

Mads Palsvig på X: "Now I wonder why Israel does not want the UN to investigate their claims of "beheaded babies", "babies in ovens", "Hamas rape of Israeli women" etc etc.... And what does the Talmud say about lying to gentiles? A: It is allowed and encouraged because Gentiles are unter-menchen…" / X (

(5) Mads Palsvig på X: "False flag attacks are committed by zionists in all ages in all spheres and by all sexes" / X (

(3) Mads Palsvig på X: "Soon the whole world will know the only terrorists are the government sponsored ones. Mainly by CiA and Mossad. Goyims know" / X (

(10) Mads Palsvig på X: "Watch out for yet another deep state false flag operation. STUDY: Operation Northwoods, USS Liberty, Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Ajax, "babies in incubators 1991 Gulf war", "Weapons of mass destruction" 2nd Gulf war 2003, Gaddafi is "killing his own people" and of course the…" / X (


Mads Palsvig på X: "Number 1 If you don’t know what a false flag is and would like to avoid WWIII. NOW is a REALLY good time to find out. Number 2 If you do know what a false flag is, then NOW is a VERY good time to educate anyone you know, who does not yet know. Life or death It is THAT…" / X (



Sulaiman Ahmed på X: "ISRAELI FORCES ADMIT THEY HAVE BEEN ORDERED TO ETHNICALLY CLEANSE" / X (    Here are screenshots of a video, published by Al Jazeera, showing jewish children singing about Gaza. Look what they say in the 2nd photo.

Sarah Wilkinson på X: "What’s left? just remnants of Palestinian lives, bodies, homes, schools, hospitals — everything destroyed by the israelis | #AirDropAidForGaza" / X (

(7) Dr. Jennifer Cassidy på X: "Three months ago there were 36 hospitals in Gaza. This morning there are none. Zero. All have been bombed by Israel. The same country that claimed at the International Court of Justice that they would never attack a hospital." / X (

(1) Robin Monotti på X: "GAZA CHEMTRAILS "In November 2016, in response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request filed by the NGO Gisha, the Israeli Ministry of Defense confirmed that aerial herbicides are sprayed along the width of the perimeter of Gaza. Aerial spraying is conducted between the Erez…" / X (

(3) Mads Palsvig på X: "Israel is a racist genocidal apartheid state. There must be a one-state solution WITHOUT apartheid." / X (                             All these happy people have now been murdered by Israel.

(4) Sulaiman Ahmed på X: "PALESTINIAN HOSTAGE SAYS SHE WOULD WAKE IN THE NIGHT TO SCREAMS OF 11-12 YEAR OLD CHILDREN TIED TO THEIR BEDS Those children were subjected to rape and are still in prison" / X (

This is how they treat prisoners:

(12) Dick Mackintosh #StopTheWar på X: "There is no such thing as left-wing antisemitism. Left-wing means equal Human Rights for everybody. There is such a thing as left-wing anti-Zionism. Israel doesn't give equal Human Rights to the Palestinians and that's racist. I always Follow Back #SocialistSunday" / X (

(11) Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis på X: "This is what Israel has done since the ICJ ruling: -Killed 300+ Palestinans -Injured 600+ Palestinians -Bombed hospitals in South Gaza -Erased a residential block -Celebrated the illegal jewish settlement plan -Carpet bombed North Gaza -Cut UNRWA Funding @CIJ_ICJ" / X (

(12) Khalissee på X: "Israel blows up an entire village in Gaza! This is Genocide." / X (

(7) Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis på X: "Israelis on TikTok mocking Palestinians who have been bombed constantly for more than 3 months. When Zionists show you who they are, believe them." / X (

(7) Dr. Jennifer Cassidy på X: "One the most abhorrent videos I’ve ever seen from the “most moral army on earth”. Mocking and enjoying their acts of wiping out of entire generations. Monsters in plain sight. Uploading their inhumanity for the world to see." / X (

(12) Mads Palsvig på X: "An Israeli shoots a Palestinian girl and leaves her to die while drinking coffee. And to those that say “but Hamas…October 7th”: This was already in 2015 For the record I no longer compare Zionists with Nazis. For obvious reasons" / X (

(12) X: "Only a foreign colonizer would destroy what the indigenous ancestral land owners spent their entire lives building If Israeli Jews were indigenous to the lands like they claim to be, they wouldn’t be destroying olive trees and other parts of the land They just try to…" / X (

(13) Amanur Rahman på X: "Why is Israel destroying trees if they’re only fighting Hamas? @stairwayto3dom" / X (       dancing Israeli soldiers inside a medical facility of the Islamic University of Gaza. They blew up the building after recording this video

(7) Mads Palsvig på X: "And I just had a post blocked by Jewish @elonmusk for calling the genocidal terror state of Israels government for Zio ..... Insert a four letter word starting with N that represents a political party run by a Zionist funded dude called Adolf" / X (

(7) Mads Palsvig på X: "Disclaimer: Dear Twitter, This is hate-speech, or in a non Orwellian world freedom of speech. On this public/private Prisonplanet you decide on behalf of the fascist/green communist world government: “I hate these Zionists* celebrating genocide of the rightful owners and…" / X


While I can't call Netanyahu a genocidal psychopath on Twitter or compare Zionists to Nazis, Israelis are allowed to call for genocide of an entire nation and the rightful owners of Palestina:

(7) Mads Palsvig på X: "Another war crime by the Zionazis:" / X (

(10) Yunus Arslan på X: "The crime has not changed, even though the date is different This time, they cannot hide from the eyes of the people of the world.. The world is watching and recording live" / X (         

Israel has bought a mass online influence system. Yeah, we know! But Palestine is still winning the world. Without buying anyone.

Haaretz is an Israeli mainstream newspaper:

(14) Sulaiman Ahmed på X: "DAD I AM SORRY I USED TO SCREAM AT YOU" / X (

(14) Quds News Network på X: "Israel killed everyone in this picture in "self-defense"... Muin Ayyash, his wife, Najah, their children, and grandchildren were all killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza." / X (

(14) Sarah Wilkinson på X: "A Palestinian family say they witnessed the summary execution of 15 Palestinian men when Israeli troops raided their apartment in Gaza" / X (

(14) Sulaiman Ahmed på X: "THIS IS LAYAH ISRAEL KILLED HER" / X (

(15) Mads Palsvig på X: "Send this video (1 min) to your favorite Zionist:" / X (

(5) Ramy Abdu| رامي عبده på X: "The Israeli army detonates the last university it hadn't destroyed yet. A scene from the explosion of the Palestine University with 315 bombs. The university is owned by businessmen and is not affiliated with any political agenda. Israel has destroyed all universities and about…" / X (

(6) Dan Cohen på X: "The Israeli military killed captive soldier Ron Sherman with poison gas, according to his mother Maayan Sherman, mother of Ron Sherman, a captive Israeli soldier whose body was recovered from a tunnel in Jabalia refugee camp by Israeli forces in December, writes on Facebook that…" / X (   Israeli forces completely DESTROYED a CEMETERY and then stole the CORPSES before withdrawing from Khan Younis!

Jake Shields på X: "They are taking out entire residential blocks They are not targeting Hamas" / X (

(3) Samah Sabawi på X: "Israeli soldiers trashed our apartment in #Gaza and left antisemitic artwork on the walls. Why antisemitic? Because it incites hatred against Jews. You see, when you leave the star of David, a religious symbol, on the walls of homes you’ve invaded, trashed or demolished, when you…" / X (


Apartheid State

(12) Daniel F. Prinsloo på X: "Prof. Norman Finkelstein is 100% correct. There are no other logical answers to explain what we are witnessing from Israel. It's a nation engulfed and driven by evil, terrorism, racism, and hate. No life or beauty is valued as purity and innocence is brutally destroyed. Such a…" / X (

(12) Mads Palsvig på X: "Listen to @KenOKeefe1TJP" / X (

(12) Mads Palsvig på X: "BREAKING| Israeli forces attack and beat up the paramedic Ahmad Qindeel during the ongoing night raid into Jenin in the West Bank. REMEMBER The Krystall Nacht was literally only ONE NIGHT. In Palestine it is EVERY NIGHT!!!! So I don’t even want to call the Zionists for Nazis.…" / X (

(8) Mads Palsvig på X: "While Palestinians go to jail for liking a post on social media the uber-racist Zio-nazis are allowed to mock and ridicule defenseless civilians being slaughtered by the terror state of Israel." / X (

(14) Mads Palsvig på X: "Another first hand witness testimony to how the zionazis break international treaties and tortures prisoners and hostages:" / X (

(14) Mads Palsvig på X: "Israeli zionazis “defending themselves” by taking a THREE-year old boy hostage. The terror state of Israel needs to be ended and a one state solution WITHOUT apartheid created in its place." / X (


(6) Mads Palsvig på X: "In a democracy: This video would be shown on BBC, DR, SV1 and other TV Channel's with PUBLIC SERVICE obligations. This is about the apartheid state of Israel." / X (

(2) Mads Palsvig på X: "Apartheid in Israel:" / X (

(2) Alex Shams på X: "The state of democracy in Israel today: History teacher Meir Baruchin wrote an FB post mourning dead Gaza civilians, calling for war's end. He was fired from his job. Then police ransacked his home, detained him, and threw him in solitary confinement." / X (



(14) Sulaiman Ahmed på X: "BREAKING: HAMAS RELEASE 17 PAGE BOOK ON WHAT REALLY HAPPENED ON OCT 7 HAMAS AL-AQSA FLOOD OPERATION INTRODUCTION In light of the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and as our people continue their battle for independence, dignity and…" / X (     Since this video triggers the Zionists I decided to post it again

(15) Mads Palsvig på X: "Send this video (1 min) to your favorite Zionist:" / X (




The Times of Israel, mainstream newspaper:

Only 9% of Israelis believe they are winning the war:

Mads Palsvig på X: "Netanyahu: “We will suck America dry”. “This is what we do to countries we hate” While making 666 signs with his hands. The statement is 100% verified." / X (

(2) Mads Palsvig på X: "This Rabbi explains, why the Israeli flag has 666 symbolism, and why some Zionists believe they are allowed to lie to goyims and why they are allowed to commit all sorts of crimes towards goyims according to the Talmud. The Talmud claims a Jews life is worth 10.000 goyims lives.…" / X (

(8) Mads Palsvig på X: "Listen how this arrogant racist psychopath threatens anyone boycotting the terror-state of Israel. Quite a bit of hrutsbe even for a Talmud worshipping satanist. Talmud states that each Jew is worth 10.000 Goyims. Can it get more racist that that? Oh, and Goyim means "cattle"." / X (

Mads Palsvig på X: "The Zionists Plan B if/when Israel loses in Gaza and are forced to stop apartheid ? Or is it their plan A?" / X (

(3) Mads Palsvig på X: "I wonder why they don’t teach us about Khazaria? The most evil satan-worshipping pedophile child-sacrificing lying thieving people in history are from Khazaria. Two examples of Khazarians. One male and one female: - Benjamin Netahyahu He was a Soviet agent. Stated goal back…" / X (

(10) Stew Peters på X: "Chinese Communists and “radical Islamic extremists” are NOT the problem." / X (

(14) Mads Palsvig på X: "Fun facts:" / X (          PHOTO John Hopkins 97% have no Jewish DNA:

(14) Mads Palsvig på X: "From "the river to the sea" would include Libanon, Jordan and large parts of Egypt, Syria and Iraq. It seems Netanyahu likes himself a bit of "lebensraum"? No?" / X (    Reality sets in. Israeli society understands the war is futile.    HAPPENING NOW IN TEL AVIV! The largest rally we had against this war and for Israeli-Palestinian peace. Thousands of Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel are marching now demanding a ceasefire agreement, the release of the hostages and the end of the killing in Gaza. Wow.



(2) Mads Palsvig på X: "Speaking like a true terrorist. “The Hague won’t stop us!” I. E. The ongoing Holocaust on the Semitic Palestinian people Absolutely zero respect for International law, international conventions signed by the terror state of Israel and human rights." / X (

(2) Captain Dan Hanley på X: "Who is Larry Silverstein? New York billionaire real estate tycoon Larry Silverstein is a neocon Zionist and personal friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who he speaks with on the phone each Sunday...not that this means anything. The Twin Towers were white…" / X (

711.000 views in a country with 7 Mio Israelis.....

Stew Peters på X: "Israelis don’t seem to like black people." / X (

The same time they call everyone else racist, whenever someone is pointing out a crime committed by a jew.

A tiny bit "ironic", no?

(14) Mads Palsvig på X: "The zionazis are losing in Gaza so want to expand the conflict. Here the Israeli airforce has bombed the Al-Mezza quarters in downtown Damascus in Syria. Israel is hell bent on starting WWIII. A war they also will lose. The zionazis are so enraged with hate they can’t think…" / X (


USA     Israel conducts aggressive and obvious espionage against the United States, steals technology and false flags US into wars. In return Israel gets billions in aid, political cover at the UN, court cases mysteriously dropped at the DOJ and 3/4 of Congress in it's pocket.       Nancy Pelosi: "USA can go to ruins, all that matters is Israel". 

Mads Palsvig på X: "If you are opposed to Israel bombing babies in incubators then you still have to buy Israeli products and services in all the purple states:" / X (

(3) Jacob N. Kornbluh på X: "Nancy Pelosi: Protesters calling for a ceasefire in Gaza "is Mr. Putin's message... Make no mistake, this is directly connected to what he would like to see... "I think some of these protesters are spontaneous and organic and sincere. Some I think are connected to Russia."" / X (                               ”Putin did it”. Including stealing one of her vodka bottles.  

(11) Mads Palsvig på X: "Nuremberg2.0 for genocidal psychopath Blinken" / X (

(4) Mads Palsvig på X: "No civilian deaths in Gaza says US government spokesperson." / X (    The US and UK are bombing Yemen to help Israel commit a genocide.     

Hi Elon Musk,

Your paper says “never again” but you do know there is a actual genocide going on as we speak in Palestine! We know, you know because you have been heavily censoring our posts about THOUSANDS of murdered children the past 3 months. You do know Israel is murdering a child every 9 minute. You do know that 10.000 children are missing lying dead, halfdead, or alive under the rubble. You do know that 10.000 children have lost their arms and legs. You should be ashamed of yourself. This is despicable.     Elon Musk, are you sure you still believe in free speech?

(14) Mads Palsvig på X: "Some of CIA's shady businesses:" / X (     

(14) Wide Awake Media på X: ""We owned the news. We were the gatekeepers, and we very much owned the facts as well." Speaking at the WEF's annual Davos meeting, editor-in-chief of the Wall Street Journal, Emma Tucker, laments the death of public trust in the MSM. "If it said it in the Wall Street Journal…" / X (

(6) Mads Palsvig på X: "I wonder how CIA employees can afford USD 12 Mio houses. A: being a terrorist pays well B: CIA has direct links to the privately owned Federal Reserve C: CIA controls the international drug trade, human trafficking and weapons trade D: ALL of the above" / X (



(11) Sulaiman Ahmed på X: "BREAKING: UK CONSIDERS RECOGNISING PALESTINE AS A STATE FOR 1ST TIME The UK will give consideration to unilaterally recognising the State of Palestine BEFORE a two state solution. This is a huge moment in British history. The recognition would remove Israel’s veto power over…" / X (

(8) Mads Palsvig på X: "SKY News: Israels = Nazi Germany. The Zionists only response isto draw the "You are an Anti-semite" card. Buhuuhuuu the cry-baby has nothing else to say. The whole world is waking up. Israel is a terror-state. USA has spend USD 77.000 per person on wars against Israels enemies." / X (


EU      BREAKING: The EU just passed a CEASEFIRE RESOLUTION for Gaza.


China     China has called for an independent state of Palestine to be formed free of any Israeli occupation


South Africa

(7) Mads Palsvig på X: "South Africa's President comments on the ICJ ruling." / X (

(8) Mads Palsvig på X: "Can Israel ignore World Court's order? Experts weigh in on the ICJ genocide case." / X (

(8) Mads Palsvig på X: "ICJ Judge roasts Israel:" / X (

(8) Mads Palsvig på X: "The International Court of Justice, on a 15 to 2 vote, demands Israel take all measures to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza. 1. By 15 votes to 2. Israel must conform to Genocide Convention. Must take all measures to prevent killing Palestinian civilians, not preventing their…" / X (

(8) MintPress News på X: "50 lawyers prepare a case against the US and UK for complicity in Israel's genocide in Gaza Led by South African lawyer Wikus Van Rensburg, a group of around 50 legal professionals is preparing a law suit against the US and the UK that focuses on the complicity of the two…" / X (

Sulaiman Ahmed på X: "BREAKING: ICJ RULINGS AGAINST ISRAEL AND IN FAVOUR OF SOUTH AFRICA 1. 15-2 The state of Israel shall take all measures to prevent the commission of genocide to Gaza 2. 15-2 The state of Israel shall ensure that the military not commit any acts of genocide 3. 16-1 Israel shall…" / X (


(8) Kerry Burgess på X: "Israels days are numbered, and it looks like Washington is going to take the US down with them. The world is gradually coming together against them." / X (



(7) Mads Palsvig på X: "What does the Houthi spokesman say about the conflict in the Middle East. Here he is interviewed by Max Blumenthal." / X (


Mads Palsvig på X: "Smart move to charge Israel with genocide instead of starting WWIII. If convicted: Israel is a pariah and the International community entitled to take military action to stop the genocide. If not convicted: All wars started by the US since 1945 = illegal + the ICJ is political…" / X (

Mads Palsvig på X: "If Israel is NOT convicted for the genocide in Gaza. Even when Israeli gov. officials state such intent. Then Gaddafi must also be entitled to "kill his own people". And thus the US, UK & DK had no right to attack Libya, because of ONE rumor from ONE employee at Amnesty…" / X (

Mads Palsvig på X: "Always point out evil, otherwise history will repeat itself. If we don’t, then the same people who started WWI+WWII will get away with starting WWIII. PS. If you haven’t read the Talmud. You should. It is by far the most evil, racist, psychopathic book ever written. People…" / X (

Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis på X: "PLEASE USE this below text and image for replying to any post showing violence, starvation, murder, etc by BREACH ICJ RULING This post is plausible evidence of a non-compliance breach of the ICJ ruling order of 1/26/24. #ICJ_Breach @CIJ_ICJ" / X (


(12) Mads Palsvig på X: "These types of demonstrations are great. Because they target the actual criminals and traitors" / X (

And this action is great:

(4) Ɗɑɳisɦ på X: "@DrLoupis" / X (

(10) Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis på X: "Yes we can BOYCOTT CHILD KILLERS!" / X (

(14) Mads Palsvig på X: "All the suffering of the bravest people in the world, the Palestinians will not be in vain. The entire world now knows exactly who the Zionists are. Noone will ever watch a Hollocaust movie again, and without those traumaticing fact distorting propaganda movies, the imposed…" / X (

The most satanic evil racist pedophile promoting book ever written:


(14) Mads Palsvig på X: "Read the Talmud I dare you" / X (

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