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We are not "sleepwalking" into World War Three, we are well awake and can see every single step and manipulation planned by the globalists to lead us there.

You know who is running the show, by whom you can't critizise.


Dear All,

This newsletter is send to the members of the small Danish party the Prosperity Party, who is not in the Danish Parliament. And to ALL Danish members of Parliament, mainstream journalists, the police, judges, the Danish Military, the Central Administration, the entire Health Care system and Educational system.

In total about 40.000 people.

The Danish Military read my newsletters and newspapers with great interest, as does the Danish Television, because I have in writing from a Danish mainstream journalist, Lisbeth Quass, that Danish secret service required her to make a television program, where they portrayed me as a Russian disinformation agent. Obviously a total fabrication, just like the "Russian collusion" in America. They didn't come with anything that remotely looked like evidence not even indication of the sort, other than I was against Ukraine's government bombing the Russian speaking minority from 2014-2022 killing 15.000 civilians. 

I asked her what posts I had made, that made her think I was a Russian disinformation agent. Surprisingly the posts she send had nothing to do with Russia, but were posts that all included the word "zionist". Until the October 7th I probably only used the word zionist in less than 1% of my posts. She will not be disappointed with this newsletter, now it is close to 100%. I will do my utmost to explain my exact view on zionism and document it with statements from zionists themselves. If you click on the links below most of them will take you to a video with first hand witnesses and accounts. Most videos below are actually Jews voicing their opinion for or against Zionism. 

Here is our newspaper and the two conventions I organized you can watch more than 75 speeches for free from leading freedom fighters in the world, including: 

- Robert F Kennedy, His Excellency Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, MEP Christine Anderson, Major General US Army Paul E Valleley, Lieutenant Colonel Peter C Chambers, US Army Special Forces, Dr Thomas Binder, Lawyer Philipp Kruse, Dr Lexandra Herion-Caude, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor Richard Werner, Former Assistant Secretary of State Catherine Austin-Fitts, Lawyer Todd Callender, Lawyer Warner Mendenhall. Dr Judy Mikovits. None of them are Russian though....

We support this Danish citizens initiative and recommend all Danes to sign it:   "DENMARKS SHALL CONDEMN ISRAELI WARCRIMES AND WORK FOR A PEACEFUL SOLUTION". 

The Danish Parliament is obliged to take it up in Parliament if it is signed by 50.000 people. 65.000 people have already signed. 

Here is a short speech and video I made at a Pro Palestinian demonstration in Copenhagen two years ago protesting the Nakhba:

Below you will find links to FIRST HAND WITNESSES, statements, videos and data, that portrays as accurate an account of what is going on as possible. 

The enemy, that would be the zionists/globalists/deep state has done a good job of dividing our resistance against tyrranny by non stop introducing new crimes against humanity. In January 2016 I made this speech against the banksters controlling the money creation. When people began to realise, that it probably wasn't a good idea that the money creation was privately owned and controlled they came with 5G. Then our party arranged demonstrations against 5G. When we thought now it can't get any worse, they came with the Lock Down, many believed the government. We arranged demonstrations against the lock down measures. I don't have space here to write all our victories. Just note we could travel and shop without masks here in Denmark and gather and party. Then they tried to introduce the Law on Epidemics. We organised the "klinky klonky" demonstrations where we banged on metal lids and caserolles against that law and managed to avoid that. Then they tried to forcevaccinate us, we fought that successfully and was the first country in the World to open up in January 2022, we did this by writing a notice of liability and hand deliver it to all members of the Danish Commission on Epidemics, the day after receiving the NOL with 30 pages of evidence, that corona was no more dangerous than a common cold, they changed the classification from Ebola and plague-"like" to flu-"like". And the measures had to be stopped. We were also the first country to prohibit vaccinations of children under 18 years and shortly after people under 55 years. Both happened a day after actions my party had taken against the health authorities. When we write to the authorities we always copy all the employees in the email, such that they fight amongst themselves. Most people are good, also people working for the health authorities, they want to help the society have healthy citizens, so all we had to do was present evidence to the contrary and let them do the fighting themselves. So we have been very effective. When people realised they use money creation against us, the lock down was based on a lie and the vaccinations did not protect against corona and have 1291 side effects including myorcaditis and death, then they proovoked the special military situation in Ukraine. And so many fell for that, having been brainwashed for years to think Putin is Hitler and in general to tremendous racism against Russians. This was when collective punishment started: Russians had they bankaccounts frozen overnight allover the West and EU is trying to find ways of transferring the money to Ukraine, i.e. stealing the money. Russians are prohibited in taking part in sports including the Olympic, whose whole idea is based on opposing sides could meet peacefully in sports. You can't travel to Russia on plane, boat or train. You can't transfer money to your family in Russia, you can't even send a package. To my surprise, noone cared. All the "freedom fighters" couldn't care less. Putin was Hitler, and the media and Hollywood had done a good job convinving people that Russians were horrible people. All of them, also children and old babuskas. Collective punishment, not a problem, because they were Russians. When people gradually began to come out of their zombie tranche and realise, it might not be such a good idea to send hundreds of billions of USD to Ukraine and half a million dead young Ukrainian men, then deep state pulled "the Holocaust"-card. Again succesfully splitting the people who right now should be busy prosecuting deep state actors and seek damaged for their vaccine injuries with yet another slight of hand:

"Look over here: "Hollocaust survivors are being attacked at least 40 babys beheaded", don't look over there, "we lied about money creation, 5G, Lock Downs, vaccines and Ukraine" - trick

Surprisingly many in the West can't see a false flag when you hit them with a pole: 

False Flag:

- Israel funded Hamas, because PLO was a peaceful organisation working for a two state solution

- Isael financed Hamas, just like USA financed Al Qaeda and the Talebans, and ISIS never attacks Israel and injured ISIS terrorists are being treated at Israelit hospitals

- Netanyahu allowed Hamas to cross the most well protected border in the world 15 places. On foot, in  a tractor, on bikes, even on paraglides, as Rockefellers magazine predicted would happen in 2012

- Netanyahu then stopped the Israeli army from assisting the Israelis being attacked for the first six hours of the attack

- When they then finally came, they bombed everything, Hamas and hostages, they levelled the military base including Israeli office personel, police station and all houses in the Israeli settlements where Hamas had taken hostages.

- They then used the classic baby-story. This time it was "40 beheaded babies". And claimed Hamas killed 1400


Using Israeli data. 683 has died. Half of those were soldiers. Less than 2% were children and the youngest deceiced was 3 years old. So not even one baby, let alone beheaded. 

The Zionists used the same lie in 1991, when they needed USA to bomb and destroy Iraq, claiming the Iraqi soldiers had "taken the babies out of the incubators and thrown them on the cold floor.

And in 1917 when they needed USA to join on the side of the British who were losing WWI to the Germans. "Germans are spearing babies to church doors". 

Both were giant lies, just as the story with the 40 babies.

Even if it had been true, but it isn't, but if it had been true, then it does not give Israel the right to kill literally thousands of Palestinian children including babies.

Ironically right now the Zionists are unpunished for killing babies, even litterally in incubators, because they are bombing hospitals in Gaza.

Israel is committing collective punishment on a population, that is illegal. But as we saw with the example of Russia above, if people have been brainwashed systematically by mainstream media and the educational system and traumatized by Holllywood then it seems many people find genocide, ethnic cleansing and collective punishment acceptable. 

Just when most people got out of the corona zombie tranche, less than 2% have taken the latest corona vax, they go straight into the Hollocaust zombie tranche. 

Israel would never make a false flag?

They already did:   

"USS Liberty". The Israelis bombed an American ship in 1967 pretending to be Egyptians to garner support for their war with Egypt. 

And watch the video with "the dancing Israelis" further down. 

I have in several newsletters been warning about the attempt to destroy the West, it must be increasingly clear. I am not going into details to that effect here. Just read Anatolij Golytsins "New Lies For Old", where he predicts what has happened. According to him the communists in USSR and China decided in the 1950's that they couldn't make the World communist in the open, they would have to destroy the West from within. Netanyahu was in 1990 revealed to have been a Soviet spy. And he seems still to be pulling strings that must be clear to everyone, in the worst case could mean a global war, that the West is very likely to loose. 

Please work for ceasefire and a political solution. 

And if possible feel free to support our work 

I have personally been working for free for eight years, had my reputation slandered, been backstabbed by infiltrators in my organisation and of course lied about in the fake news mainstream media

In the strong belief that we will win this war I remain for peace, truth, love and prosperity for all

Yours Sincerely 

Mads Palsvig, former Investment Banker from Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse First Boston and Barclays, Msc Law, Bsc Finance



Documentary: Jewish eyewitness accounts of the Nakhba in 1948. What took place? Listen to some of the things they did to the Palestinians in their own words.

And this video on the Nakhba. What is that? How did it all begin in 1948, Jewish testimonies.


US president Truman on how he planned to ethnically cleanse Palestinians to create Isreal:

“We took Palestine in small doses… you can’t move 5 or 6 million people out of a country and fill it up with 5 or 6 million more and expect both sets of them to be pleased”

-Israel was formed in 1948

-PLO was formed in 1964

-Israel occupied & annexed Gaza & West Bank in 1967

-Hamas was formed in 1987

-Israel invaded Lebanon in 1978

-Hizbollah was formed in 1982

Israel is the problem. Educate yourself. Don't be a brainwashed donkey! (Pics from 1996 Qana massacre).


"Israel has a right to defend itself". Thing is:

- 1. "Defending" does not mean carpetbomb and genocide a whole nation.

- 2. Israel has neighbors.....with it is becoming more and more risky....for Israel... I agree, that as long as, noone does anything, Israel can with impunity bulldoze, carpetbomb and genocide Gaza. But thing is, just because noone helped Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi and Assad, it does not necessarily mean that noone will intervene this time. This time it is different. This time it is women and children. Israel can only win if noone decides to fight.

USA never wins any wars.

USA only starts wars as money-laundering operations.

USA is a papertiger, all

USA is good for is flying over a poor country and unleash hell over them with their firebombing capabilities they taught themselves over Dresden. The Jews might suddenly be looking for a new homeland..... I strongly recommend a ceasefire and a negotiated peaceful two state solution.

It might already be too late....I hope not.


Israel is killing a child every 10 minutes.

- Ironic considering Israel lied about Hamas having beheaded 40 babies.

- And the Zionists lied about Iraqi soldiers taking “babies out of the incubators” in 1991

- and German soldiers “spearing babies to church doors” in 1917. ALL LIES.

AND THEN THEY themselves KILL 5000 children in Gaza and can get away with it because ALL politicians and journalists are corrupt and prefer blood money and have NO problem with the murdering of children. This is a Norwegian doctor speaking who works in Gaza.


This in my view is the expected reaction the zionists/deep state/globalists/satanists/military criminal complex is after:

Listen to this Turkish citizen. Because it is so obvious, they will get this reaction, if they:

1 Fund Hamas

2 Allow Hamas to cross the border 15 places

3 Stops the Israeli military from protecting its citizens the first 6 hours of the attack. Then use the attack as an excuse to....

4 Carpet bomb civilians, including hospitals, refugee camps and refugees stuck in traffic trying to flee south....even with Phospherus that burns through the skin.

If this Turkish man gets his will and Turkey attacks Israel, then Israel is over as an apartheid state. Period!

Is this the real reason they have installed a Zionist President in Ukraine? Do they want to return to Khazaria/Ukraine, where all the Askenazi Jews originate from?

And right now with the US having 73 warships parked in the Mediterranean like sitting ducks ready for another Pearl Harbour, it seems to me as if, someone really wants the West/NATO/USA and Israel to lose.

Because they don't stand a chance against the entire Muslim world, if they are supported by China and Russia.

Right now China's production capacity in for example building warships outstrip the USA with a factor of 100 to 1. (Actually 230 to 1)

So is their intention to destroy USA, Europe and Israel?

Move the financial center to China?

Is that why the Zionists have been so intrumental in flooding USA and EU with illegal immigrants from mainly Muslim countries who have been systematically robbed and bombed by the West for years? Is this why the Zionists are working day and night to take away the 2nd Amendment in the US, "the Right to Bear Arms"? Is this why the Zionists were behind the Covid hoax and the deadly poisonous fake vaccine, that was injected in every American soldier...several times? Is this the real reason for the war in Ukraine, to deplete the arsenal of weapons in the West?

I strongly recommend my fellow Danes and other members of NATO to work for an immediate cease fire.

First of all because it is the right thing to do, to be against genocide, apartheid and ethnic cleansing.

Secondly out of pure selfpreservation because it seems to me, we are totally screwed, if we don't.


Netanyahu will have to answer why no one tried to stop Hamas crossing the border 15 places and why the Israeli army didn’t help Israelis being attacked the first six hours.


This video is of the utmost importance to watch.


30+ Israel lies debunked in 3 weeks:

No dead babies

No burnt babies

No beheaded babies

No children in cages

No raped women

No ripped breasts

No paraded captives

No tortured captives

No mutilating dead bodies

No “Global Day of Jihad”

No planned cyanide attacks

No Hamas coming thru US border

No all-female Israeli unit killing 100 Hamas

No October 7 was not “unprovoked”

No Biden did not see pictures of dead babies

No Pro-Palestine are not “pro-Hamas” rallies

No small blasts do not prove Israel did not bomb hospital

No “misfired” rocket was destroyed by Iron Dome before the hospital bombing

No “misfired” rocket trajectory does not align with IDF version of events

No “misfired” rocket can’t be both fired from cemetery and southwest of hospital

No Hamas charter published in 2017 is anti-Zionist, not anti-Jewish

Fake baby crib photo

Fake blood splatter photo

Fake booby-trapped school bags

Fake Al Jazeera journalist twitter account

Fake audio tape about bombing hospital

Fake AI-generated images of Hamas leaders

Fake “official Al Qaeda material” on dead Hamas fighters

Fake antisemitic controversy over Greta’s toy octopus

False titles for Palestine protest chants

False labels on a Gaza 4-year-old baby martyred in airstrike as a doll

False crisis actor accusation by using old pictures of West Bank raid survivor

False crisis actor accusation by using old pictures of Thai children in ghost costumes

Yes many Israeli civilians were killed by crossfire at festival, not by mass shooting

Yes many Israeli civilians said Hamas was kind to them during attacks and as captives

Yes many Israeli civilians were killed by Israeli tanks at kibbutz


So what are the data then?

Mossad motto is “deception”. They claimed 1400 deaths including 40 babies. Now using ISRAELI DATA: Turns out not 1400 deaths but 683. Of those 50% were soldiers. 98% were adults. And no children under the age of 3 years.

So USING ISRAELI DATA WE CAN CONFIRM THE “40-babies” story was as big a lie as

- the Zionist lie in 1991 about Kuwaiti “babies taken out of the incubators”

-and the 1917 Zionist lie about German soldiers “spearing babies to church doors”.

Do you think the attack of Hamas on Israel on 10/7 was a false flag terrorist attack, i.e. the Israeli government let it happen on purpose (LIHOP) or made it happen on purpose (MIHOP)?

71% say YES

The World stand with Palestine against the zionist racists genocidal mass murderers. 


An update from Gaza. Israel is failing again.

A child is being operated in a store room. God bless the Palestinian people, what strength they have and bravery to take it upon themselves all alone to show to the world the real face of Zionism

Doctors in Gaza stay to save lives while being carpet-bombed by the zionists. Incredible bravery, duty and honour. My deepest respect

Abby Martin:

Meanwhile this is how the Jewish young people spend their time, right now...What are some young Israelis up to? They wouldn’t be celebrating genocide? Would they? Considering the Uber-pimped Holocaust narrative that has traumatised three generations…stealing the thunder from all other genocides. Considering Germany has paid hundreds of Billions of EUR in compensation. Considering USA likewise because the Jews are the victims, right? Considering 15 Mio German civilians were murdered from 1945-1948 in accordance with the Zionist Morganthau Plan. Considering the German people still are paying the price for what some Nazis funded by Jewish banks did 80 years ago. I thought we agreed to be against holocaust/genocide? Did I miss something? PS. I am 100% certain these young people represent a tiny minority and that the majority of the Jewish people as well as the Palestinian people know that this is not Jews vs Palestinians. This is the wealthiest people in the world against all the people of the world. The globalists are waging war on humanity. They want their One World Government and to get that they want us fighting each other. Jews and Christian against Muslims in particular.

Thousands of Turks enter a US Military Base.

Freudian slips

Meanwhile the globalists and satanists celebrate their Halloween:

Leaked Israeli Government Plan:

CNN's Wolf Blitzer: You knew that there were innocent civilians in that refugee camp, right? IDF spox: This is the tragedy of war. We told them to move south. Blitzer: So you decided to drop the bomb anyway. IDF spox: We’re doing everything we can to minimize civilian deaths.

I REJECT THE ENTIRE 10/7 PSYOP ENTIRELY I'm NOT on the side of "Hamas" I'm NOT on the side of Netanyahu

Israeli soldiers throw a DISABLED MAN out of his wheelchair as he went to help a girl the ISRAELIS had just shot & left to die. The soldiers then go berserk, shooting & throwing flash bombs.


Israel is not taking revenge on HAMAS, they are taking revenge on PALESTINIAN CHILDREN.

Please note: there are FIVE pages… (names of dead Palestinians):

UN and other officials and politicians

Verified leaked video of Netanyahu. “Turn off the cameras so we can discuss this” “They asked me before the election if I’d honor [the Oslo accords]…I said I would, but … I’m going to interpret the accords in such a way that would allow me to put an end to this galloping forward to the ’67 borders. How did we do it? Nobody said what defined military zones were. Defined military zones are security zones; as far as I’m concerned, the entire Jordan Valley is a defined military zone. Go argue.” “Strike them (Palestinians) hard…they need suffer… so painfully that the price they pay will be unbearable” “I know what America is…America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won’t get in their way.”

Turkish President Erdogan today sent a clear message regarding the Palestinian situation:

If the countries of the region are ready to cooperate together, then we as Turkey are also ready to participate! We believe that Israel, which seems to have completely lost its mind and is behaving like an organization, must be stopped as soon as possible. A new security mechanism must be created with the cooperation of existing forces in the region. If such a step is taken, we as Turkey are ready to make our contribution. The Israeli administration, relying on the unconditional support of Europe and America, has been committing crimes against humanity in front of the whole world for exactly 25 days. The international press is also silent and seeking coverage for Israel. 

Turkey will notify the International Criminal Court of Israel’s war crimes.

Listen to this Jewish gentleman and member of Parliament in England:

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights resign in protest. So should everyone else working for a Zionist organisation.

It is a disgrace and a testament to who actually controlls our politicians, that so few speak out like Jeremy Corbyn has done. Terrorbombing and collective punishment of a people is a warcrime, there is no other way to describe it. If you don't speak out against it, you support terrrorism. 

Spanish member of Parliament on the genocide in Gaza:

Israeli leader Moshe Feiglin who obtained 24% of the votes within Nethanyahu's party says that it's time to turn Gaza into Dresden* *Dresden was one of the German cities that were totally destroyed by the Zionist controlled Allied airforces during WWII. It had no factories and no military importance, that was why so many women, children and elderly moved there. A city with normally 250.000 had swelled to three times the size. 600.000 died, they were bombed and burned alive by non stop, and I mean NON STOP fire bombing. Now the zionists who - funded Adolf Hitler to “motivate” assimilated Jews to travel to Palestine - and arranged the Ha’avarra Agreements whereby Jews could bring their wealth with them to Palestine, - now they want to turn Gaza into Dresden.

Palestinian ambassador asks why people feel so much pain for Israelis and so little for “us the Palestinians”?

- I guess it is because the people have been traumatised by non stop Hollywood movies about the only genocide you are allowed to learn about. Holocaust.

- Ask people about the Holodomor where the Bolsheviks killed 10 Mio Ukrainians and 40 Mio Russians in the early 1930’s. No one heard about it.

- or the genocide the British made on the Iranians from 1915-1919 killing 40% of the Iranian population even less heard about it

- or the genocide on 15 Mio Germans from 1945-1948. Really? Yes!

- or all the genocides the British committed in India not less than 20 Mio people. Also true

- or on the North Korean people in the Korean War where the US did what they do best and levelled every single major city totally. You know they did.

- or Iraq

- Libya Etc etc


Lindsey Graham does not have a stop button in terms of how many children the zionists may kill.

What if how the zionists and globalists are treating the Palestinians is a test run for their “15 min cities” and Agenda21 and dystopian New World Order? Then it might even end up biting all the brainwashed zombies supporting the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and the quiet cowards who know it is wrong but “dare not” to say anything afraid of the zionists wrath… If you don’t speak up…..

Fatwa is served

Algerian parliament authorizes President Tebboune to support Gaza amid Israeli assaults


Norman Finkelstein

"THE ONLY DEMOCRACY IN THE MIDDLE EAST": - Here the police raid a Jewish neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem - to take down Palestinian flags - and brutally attacked anti-Zionist Jews, - knocking them down on the road, - hitting, and punching them in the face.

Israeli eyewitness explains what he has taken part in.

This Israeli soldier can see through the deception.

Again an Israeli eye-witness first hand account from Palestine:

Russian Jew vs Israeli Jew.

Jews that support Palestinians are under attack by the zionists

Israeli soldiers REFUSE to go fight the Palestinians. They don’t want to die.

The Jews/normal Israelis are NOT happy with the Zionist Netanyahu’s government. Must be quite embarrassing for them to be chased out of a hospital by SURVIVORS OF THE HAMAS ATTACK. This is because they are pissed off that Netanyahu allowed Hamas free access to cross the border 15 places and told the Israeli military not to come to their rescue FOR THE FIRST SIX HOURS of the attack.


Here is an actual Zionist girl explaining her level of compassion for gentile people. (That would be all non-Jewish people). It is people like her our politicians are supporting.

How does Israeli askeNAZI zionists treat Palestinian prisoners? Does Israel adhere to the Geneva Convention? No Their motto is: “Deception”.  

Is it possible to make a deal with a zionist? Is there a chance a zionist will honour his part of the deal? Mossad: "By deception thou shalt wage war". This is Netanyahu…himself: 

How does the antisemitic* Zionists treat Palestinian children?

*Palestinians are semitic people. So are Sefardi Jews. But the majority of Jews, the Askenazi are from Khazaria/Ukraine and are NOT semitic. So let me be clear:

FACT = Zionists are ANTI-semites.

These two people don't seem too concerned with Karma...

How does the antisemitic* Zionists treat Palestinian children?

"Israel has a right to defend itself". Listen to this man:

This is an actual Israeli classroom.

How are Israelis in Tel Aviv dealing with the situation, while babies are being beheaded, burried, burned and broken in Gaza? - Well, let’s have a peek:

How are the zionists in USA helping ethnically cleansing Palestine:

Israel’s minister for national security explains that Jews rights are more important than “Muhammad’s”.

"There is no symmetry, the children of the Gaza Strip have brought it on themselves."

Jewish Knesset MP Merov Ben Ari said Gaza children "are to blame for being under fire"

Be careful out there. She does mean it. She does want to kill Palestinian children.

Zionists are very vengeful, just ask the Germans

- whom they declared war on in 1933,

- then financed Hitler through their banks

- to “motivate” assimilated Jews to migrate to Palestine

- and in September 1944 the Zionist Morganthau came with the Morganthau plan

- which was to kill all Germans or at least 20%,

- which they then did. From 1945-1948 the zionist conquerors of Germany orchestrated a genocide of 15 Mio Germans. The Germans are still so traumatised I can’t get my friends and contacts in the freedom movements in Germany to mention Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadow Camps with a word.

Truly a holocaust that Hollywood never has made a single movie about. And when I brought the subject up on Scandinavian Freedom Events first Northern Light Convention, several of them were too scared to be on my second Northern Light Convention. That is how traumatised the Germans are 80 years after the war, and they are still occupied by the zionists/globalists. Still no peace treaty. Still paying retribution to the zionists for damages for a war started by the zionists.


I don’t think it is a good idea to let people with allegiance to another country run YOUR country:

Kanye West: - “The red are the executives that are Jewish”. Talking about Hollywood.

Are these Jews Anti-Semitic?



Palestinian man: “US sending aircraft carriers against us?” “You are making us so proud”.

“It is a Nakhba, it is a Holocaust. Is 10.000 enough? 3.500 children? What did we do to the USA?”

Israel wants these doctors to leave the hospital because they want to bomb it literally killing babies in incubators. This time it is a factual truth that someone is killing babies in incubators.

What is the world going to do about that?

- in 1991 the zionists lied about Iraqi soldiers killing babies in incubators in order to get USA to attack Iraq

- in 1917 the zionists lied about German soldiers killing babies spearing them to church doors to get the USA to attack Germany

- and we all remember how the zionists lied about 40 beheaded babies by a Hamas to get the USA to support yet another carpet bombing of civilians

Fact from data out of Israel:

- 99% of dead Israelis were adults

- the youngest victim was 3 years old So not even one Israeli baby has died, let alone 40.

First hand witness, a doctor on a hospital in Gaza: “…kids are burned with phosphorus and it continues to burn right into the deepest part of the body”. They have run out of morphine so all the victims get during surgery is paracetamol.

How does a war crime look? Gaza last night.

A child is found alive in the rubble: 

Palestinian man tries to save his family buried under the rubble

Here is one of the “terrorists” Israel has killed:

Palestinian girl. Her eyewitness account. 

Palestinian girl explains about the situation for her right now in Gaza:

Israel has today bombed a refugee camp called Jabalia. Apparently six 1 tonne USA made bombs on 60,000 civilians in 1.4sq km of space.

Jabala refugee camp 31/10 and 1/11 after the Israeli terror bombing of the refugee camp.  

Here they are bombing a school in Gaza with white Phosphorus:

A Palestinian journalist found his daughter 

Do the people in Gaza get any help?

Jabala refugee camp after the bombing: 

Children in Gaza being bombed by the zionists.

Every Danish member of Parliament is supporting what they call “Israel’s right to defend itself”.

Apparently that includes:

- killing children,

- collective punishment of a whole nation,

- ethnic cleansing, which they have been doing since 1948,

- genocide

- breaking the Geneva Convention

- and all human rights protocols for how to treat civilians in an occupied territory

A little Palestinian girl in Gaza

“Brave” Israeli soldiers arrest an eight year old.

The Palestinians are the bravest people in the world. They will win. This time it is different than with Saddam, Gaddafi and Assad. This time it will not be as easy for the leaders of the Muslim countries to do nothing. 

This little boy was found under the rubble. He was under the rubble for six hours. 

A Palestinian boy is digging in the rubble hoping to save his family. According to Israel all children in Gaza are terrorists. Etymologically + according the Geneva Convention:

- Those who bomb civilians are terrorists.

Every single Danish politician in Parliament supports terrorism, genocide and ethnic cleansing.

A journalist in Gaza just realises what has happened to her family

Every morning in Gaza:

A baby in a hospital in Gaza:

I can only imagine the pain

Palestinian boy survived the terror bombing, he is not sure where his parents are.

Al-Hakimah Ghada Abu Eida was shocked to see her daughter amongst the injured following deadly Israeli air strikes:

A Palestinian with disabilities threw rocks at an Israeli checkpoint. They murdered him.

On what planet is this self defence:

Send this to someone you know supporting the genocide and ethnic cleansing and ask them: - “Is this apartheid?”


Why is YouTube systematically deleting this video with “the dancing Israelis” on 911? And the “we were there to document the event” comment from a young man who was arrested on 911? I wonder who was behind 911? Who benefitted from the terror-attack?

George Galloway explains what Benjamin Netanyahu is up to. Quoting Netanyahu and puts it into a historic context

Abby Martin on the situation in Gaza over the last 20 years:

Jewish scholar Noam Chomsky explains the Israeli Hamas relationship. One of the two is the aggressor and breaks all agreements:

US Marine Corps Officer Scott Ritter Reveals TRUTH About Israel War - YouTube

Read this and then you will understand why hardly any Jews wanted to move to Palestine after WWI. During WWI early on everyone in the US were supporting Germany because 20% of Americans had two German parents and 50% had one parent who was German and the Jews who controlled the media were with Germany because Germany was THE country in the world who treated the Jews the best. Then the Zionist and member of the Sabbatei Zevi satanic lodge Rothschild promised England that if he could get Palestine as a “Jewish” (read: Zionist) state then he would change the above and make sure the US would commit FRATICIDE and join the genocidal British empire. In comes the Balfour declaration and then after WWI the Versailles treaty dominated by the presence of zionists. It was hard for the Germans to accept the terms in the Versailles treaty considering the Germans were 10 km outside Paris when the war ended, had beaten the Russians thoroughly and not a single shot was fired on German soil and a year before Germany had offered VERY generous peace terms: Let’s just stop the war and all go home and leave it at that. But still the Jews wouldn’t move to Palestine, so the Zionist deliberately TOTALLY destroyed the German economy by demanding payments of war damages and by creating inflation through controlling the printing of money in the German Reichsbank. Still the Jews wouldn’t move to Palestine. In comes former communist British agent Hitler funded by Zionist banks to do the job of “motivating” Jews to move to Palestine. He even made the Ha’avara plan which allowed the Jews to bring their wealth to Palestine. At the same time the zionists blocked for Jewish immigration to the US, just to make sure they would focus at the task at hand. Create a Zionist state. My compliments to ze Rothschilds and other zionists satanists. You not only did it. But got away with it. Even making the whole world hate the Germans in the process.

The Germans are the most traumatised Western nation

(We are all traumatised by Hollywood and the only genocide we are allowed to learn about. Almost as if Hollywood believes certain people are worth more than others?)

Why? - because 15 million Germans were killed from 1945-1948 by the zionists in accordance with the zionists Morganthau plan. Which was to kill 20% of the Germans.

-Germany is still occupied by the zionists

- Germany has not gotten a peace treaty

- 1933 “International Judea” declared war on Germany

- the zionist controlled banks blocked all German economic activity outside of Germany

- Jewish banks financed Hitler to help “motivate” assimilated Jews move to a dessert in the Middle East, which hardly anyone of them wanted.

- the grandfather of Zionism Theodor Herzl writes in his book that “assimilated Jews must be sacrificed”

- the zionists/askeNAZI’s made the Ha’awarra agreements with the Nazi’s that the Jews could bring their wealth to Palestine, on the condition the Jews would spend an equivalent amount on importing German goods.

- I have not been successful in my attempts of getting German freedom fighters to mention Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadow Camps where they killed 1,5 Mio German soldiers after the war. Until they do, the Germans will continue to be zionist slaves. But that is also in accordance with the Talmud where all gentiles/goyims shall be slaves for the Jews.

Fact: The Talmud is the most racist, most satanic, pedophile promoting book ever written.

If you don’t believe it, well go and read it for yourself.  

When you know Jewish/Zionist Banks financed* Adolf Hitlers Nazional Socialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei, then it all becomes more clear: *Read Professor Anthony Sutton's "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler".


Written by Sven:

They’ve done it again. Once more,through the use of violence, trauma and outrage, they have emotionally manipulated us in order to divide everyone: the asleep, the awakened, the zombies and everything in between. Not long ago, WE were united against masks, against vaccines, against Agenda 2030, against the globalist plans, against chemtrails, against mainstream media lies and fakery, against the corrupt political class. WE were united against injustice, against enslavement, against immorality, against indecency, against pedophilia, against the woke agenda, against Marxism, against strict religious dogma, against genetic manipulation, against weather modification, against loss of privacy, against killing cows and eating bugs, against 15 minute cities and against the dystopian future they are slowly building around us. Yes, WE were united… WE the people had understood and identified who the real enemy is, who we are up against and how they are going about implementing their plans. WE were successfully building a united front of worldwide resistance. But in just two weeks of war in Israel, we suddenly forgot everything we had learned, all the red pills we had swallowed, the awareness we had gained, the perspective we had achieved. Suddenly, it seems to me, we are back to square one - divided. But divided we loose and they know that. We ALL lose; the arabs, the jews and all the rest of us! Can we really not see that this war, like all others, serves them well in advancing their plans? I will repeat this until I’m blue in the face; the people pulling the strings are behind both the Israeli government and Hamas! They want war! And they want it to go global. Hamas was created by Israel, Hamas doesn’t care for the Palestinians, just like the Israeli government doesn’t care about the Israeli people, just like our governments don’t give two hoots about us! Do I need to remind everyone of the bioweapon they just unleashed upon us? Do we not see daily the genocide that’s happening under our noses as a result of the Covid jabs?! They don’t care about us! They never have and they never will. The attack by Hamas was a 9/11 type of inside job, that’s why the IDF took more than 6 hours to react! They were giving time for the massacre to take place, this would then give Netanyahu the excuse to bomb Gaza into oblivion, but more importantly to start what can easily become a global conflict. Can’t you see how rapidly they want to pull Iran into it? Why do you think European countries have allowed hundreds of thousands of immigrants, mainly from Islamic countries, to enter freely? Because they will now serve the purpose of destabilising countries from within. These people are just emotionally reacting to Netanyahu’s out of proportion massacring of children in Gaza and so they will clash with all the puppet government’s script of supporting Israel no matter what. The recipe for chaos is perfect - it’s just what they wanted and we are all falling for it like fools! Remember their aim is total control, so the more chaos they can induce, the more of an excuse they have for their agenda: digital ids, facial recognition, 15 minute cities, end of freedom of speech, weapons conscription, CBDCs, martial law, lockdowns… etc etc etc. Two weeks into the war and we are already seeing progress in this direction! We are walking into the trap like idiots! Let’s not forget the phrase “Ordo Ab Chao,” which is the motto of the 33rd degree in Masonry - ‘Order out of Chaos’. They create the conditions for chaos so they can bring in their order: their New World Order. The arab/jew hatred is the perfect spark to ignite a fire that will spread throughout the world like the wildfires they have been engineering in our forests. It will leave no country untouched, no society unscathed. It breaks my heart to witness how even amongst those who claim to see further than the illusion, who call themselves awakened, they have managed to create a confrontation


-…and allowing Hamas to cross the border unhindered 15 places, on foot, on bikes, in a tractor and even paragliders like the front page of Rothschild owned magazine in 2012 predicted

-…and for not allowing the Israeli military to help the citizens of Israel FOR THE FIRST SIX HOURS of the attack of Hamas.

How did Rockefeller owned The Economist predict in 2012 that Hamas would cross the border on Paragliders and face Netanyahu?

Last ten years time a cottage industry of “fact checkers” and “misinformation” “experts” has emerged to advance the left’s mission of silencing dissent to its agenda. Who is funding of these organizations:l - left-wing billionaire George Soros.

Report: George Soros Funds Global 'Fact Checking' Empire (


Elon Musk explains how George Soros is undermining democracy.









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